AT&T Local Toll Service

Here are the details:

  • Local toll calls - also known as regional toll calls - are typically itemized calls that appear on your local phone bill.
  • These calls span greater distances than local calls, but are not long distance calls. They may be within your area code or a different one - across town, or in the next county. Click here for an illustration and explanation of all the various call types.
  • No additional monthly fee applies.
  • Rates vary depending on state and the Long Distance calling plan you are enrolled in.
  • Important Notice for California and Connecticut customers: To complete your web order, you must contact AT&T at 1- 888-928-8932 where one of our customer service representatives will place the order for you.
  • Your local toll charges will appear on your AT&T Long Distance bill. Restrictions apply.

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See your Local Toll Calling Area

Simply enter your area code and the first three digits of your phone number to see a map of your local toll calling area.

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