AT&T Easy Reach 800 Service

Here are the details:

  • Your personal 800 number lets the people who are important to you call you at home from virtually any phone, anytime, anywhere in the U.S.—at no charge to them.
  • Rates are more affordable than collect calls. For calls from within the U.S., you pay 15¢ per minute.*
  • Great for security—so the people you care about most will always have a way to call you in an emergency.
  • Great for convenience—so kids, college students, out-of-town relatives, and people on the go don't need to carry change.
  • Monthly plan fee of only $2.95. Call 1-800-850-8437 to sign up.
  • A Universal Connectivity Charge applies to your direct-dialed state-to-state and international long distance charges. In some states, a monthly In-state Connection Fee applies. A Carrier Cost Recovery Fee may apply. A Public Payphone Surcharge applies to calls made from payphones. Other state charges may also apply.

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* Calls within the state of Alaska are billed at the rate of 14¢ per minute.

Here's how it works:

  1. We give you an 800 number with a private 2-digit access code
  2. Simply give your 800 number and access code to anyone you want to hear from
  3. When they call, the charges will appear on your AT&T monthly statement
  4. Your 800 number will not be published in any directory