AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan

Here are the details:

  • Unlimited state-to-state, in-state, and local toll* calls direct dialed from home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.**
  • $32.99 monthly plan fee.
  • Your choice of convenient payment options, including AT&T Online Billing.
  • This plan is available to new and existing AT&T long distance customers. You must have AT&T as your residential long distance carrier to qualify for this plan.
    • If you are an existing AT&T long distance customer, you do not need to cancel your current domestic long distance calling plan when you sign up for this plan. When you sign up for this plan, it will automatically replace any other AT&T domestic long distance calling plan you may be currently enrolled in.
    • If you are not already an AT&T long distance customer, please follow the instructions for completion of an online Letter of Agency which will authorize AT&T to switch your long distance service from your current carrier to AT&T. Important Notice for California and Connecticut customers: To complete your web order, you must contact AT&T at 1- 888-928-8932 where one of our customer service representatives will place the order for you.
  • This plan covers residential voice calls only and does not include Internet access services, commercial, telemarketing, or other non-residential uses.***
  • Offer subject to billing availability. Universal Connectivity Charge and Carrier Cost Recovery Fee also applies. In some states, a monthly In-state Connection Fee and state charges apply.

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* You must be subscribed to AT&T Local Toll Service for your local toll calls to qualify for the unlimited calls. If you are not currently subscribed, you will have the opportunity to do so during the online sign up process. Click here for an illustration and explanation of all the various call types.

** This offer is not compatible with most free minute and bill credit promotions. No call detail will be provided for unlimited calls. Upon enrollment, you will be charged for this month's fee (pro-rated) and next month's fee. If you are currently on a calling plan that includes a monthly fee, you will receive a credit for that amount. Subject to billing availability.

*** If AT&T determines that usage is not consistent with residential voice applications, such as for Internet access services, commercial facsimile or auto-dialing, resale, telemarketing or other non-residential uses, AT&T may immediately suspend, restrict or cancel your service without prior notice.